Living Stones

7 facets of life in church

Based on the metaphor of living stones found in 1 Peter 2: 5, the Living Stones course has been designed to help you find your place in the local church. You are a living stone and there is a perfect place waiting

for you in the Church where you can express who you are for the

benefit of many – and help God to build His glorious Temple. Living Stones runs over 7, two-hour sessions and is ideal for teaching either new, or more mature, believers what the church is, how it is structured and governed and how to find their gifted place in the church. Living Stones for Preachers and Teachers is a series of lectures, interactive exercises and self-study reading assignments designed to actively prepare believers for a leading role in the church.

Resources available:

This is the basic workbook participants use when attending the course.

This is available for those who have been qualified to teach Living Stones.