#WALKWITHJESUS for the month of March

Those of you following along with Big Picture in a Year should not be alarmed that you don't see your usual post today - we are taking a short break from that devotional series in order to dedicate the month of March to the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. These devotions will start on March 3 and end on March 31. After that, we'll return to Big Picture in a Year (The Fall & The Flood). 

#WALKWITHJESUS was developed by Giulio di Somma and Gill D'achada. Each day's devotion is based on the very words of Jesus himself - spoken as he prepared for the cross, as he hung on the cross and after he rose from the dead. 

#WALKWITHJESUS is a beautiful opportunity to draw near to the Lord and experience his greatest hour with him. As with all our Faith Station devotions, #WALKWITHJESUS also contains a For the Family section so that the kids can join in. 

But that's not all...John and Gill D'achada have prepared another book in the Central Truths series for you. This one is a comprehensive yet accessible study on the resurrection. It's a MUST for every King's Cross student and teacher..and anyone who wants to know more about this Central Truth. Launching soon!

We know these devotions are going to be a great blessing to you - go and bookmark our Faith Station page now to make sure you don't miss any of them.