While they were eating, Jesus took bread. He gave thanks and broke it. He handed it to his disciples and said, “Take it. This is my body.” Then he took a cup. He gave thanks and handed it to them. All of them drank from it. “This is my blood of the covenant,” he said to them. “It is poured out for many.”

Mark 14:22-24 NIRV

Reading: Matthew 26:17-30, Luke 22:7-23, John 13:1-35

At the Last Supper, recorded in Luke 22, Jesus said to his 12 disciples, “I have really looked forward to eating this Passover meal with you. I wanted to do this before I suffer. I tell you, I will not eat the Passover meal again until it is celebrated in God’s kingdom.”

I have often wondered about this statement. If Jesus knew that he was going to suffer a cruel rejection from the people of this world, why had he been anticipating this Passover meal? If it was me, I would have been dreading it.

John 3:16 is the answer to that question: “For God so loved the people of this world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in the Son shall not perish but have eternal life.” God has loved every one of us since before Creation. Each of us has been tenderly and lovingly created in the image of God. From the moment of our conception God has been vitally interested in our lives. I think that the question uppermost in the mind of God is possibly this: “When will you realise how much I love you and begin to trust Me rather than your own abilities?”

When a fighter jet prepares for take-off, 80% of the process is taken up with taxiing to the runway and getting lined up. Suddenly the jet motor roars into full thrust, the jet fighter accelerates with flames of fire and then it launches into the air moving almost immediately into a breathtaking climb before vanishing from sight. There is a moment on the runway that is known as the ‘point of no return’. Before that point the take-off can be aborted, but, after that point the jet must take off, there is no plan B.

Jesus had finally arrived at his ‘point of no return’. His purpose in coming to Earth was about to be accomplished. He was about to enact the greatest act of love from God to man. If you have made Jesus the King of your life then you too have successfully passed your ‘point of no return’. You’ll never end up in damnation, under God’s wrath, again. If you haven’t received Jesus as your Saviour, I appeal to you to make that decision today.


Dear LORD Jesus, I confirm that I have crowned you the King of my life. Thank you for taking your seat on the throne of my heart. 

For the family

Explain this study in an age-appropriate way then, watch this video of jet fighters taking off…


Continue your 15-day devotional study about Easter that is suitable for children. Do one a day for the next 15 days.