Then Jesus answered Peter, “Will you really give your life for me? What I’m about to tell you is true. Before the rooster crows, you will say three times that you don’t know me!”

John 13:38 NIRV


Reading: John 13:36-38, Mark 14:27-31, Luke 22:31-39

When I watched the first series of The Chosen I began to get greater insight into what #walkwithJesus must have been like for those disciples who did so, physically and literally. I realise that it is a dramatisation of the scriptures and that a certain amount of artistic licence has been allowed. The character of Peter has always been an enigmatic one to me, I could not quite get my head around this guy. After watching this series I think that I may be a lot like the portrayal of Peter. I see so much of my strengths and weaknesses reflected in his character.

I don’t think that Jesus doubted Peter’s sincerity when he said that he would die alongside him, but crunchtime would test Peter’s courage. Let’s not forget that it was Peter who had the first revelation that Jesus was the Christ. He had seen, heard and experienced almost everything Jesus had done in their three years together. Peter had the watermarks of the Sea of Galilee on his legs to prove his faith. This, however, was going to be different. This was going to be terminal. Jesus had said on four occasions that he was going to Jerusalem to die. Peter knew that what Jesus said always happened and he was preparing himself as best he could. 

The disciples had #walkwithJesus as far as Gethsemane. They were praying there with him when Jesus was taken by a mob at about midnight. Peter slashed a servant with his sword. Jesus had to heal the ear before he was dragged away. The nightmare had begun.

In the course of the next 15 hours Jesus would be tried by the Sanhedrin, tried by Pilate, appear before Herod, be mercilessly flogged and finally, crucified by rough Roman soldiers. Then, at 3 in the afternoon, Jesus died. And Peter was left with nothing but the horror of his denial of Jesus. He was not alone. Almost all the disciples scattered in fear and abandoned Jesus in his greatest hour of need. Only John and Jesus’ female disciples had the stomach and the courage to #walkwithJesus all the way to the cross – and keep vigil as he died.  

What would I have done on that fateful day? Where would you have been – at the cross or hidden in some alley? And more importantly, what of today? Do we have the faith, the courage to #walkwithJesus wherever he may lead?


Dear God, please give me the courage to do the things that You ask of me, trusting in your empowering Spirit to help me. 

For the family

Explain the devotion in an age-appropriate way then, if your kids are older, watch the first episode of The Chosen together. If your children are younger, watch this kiddie’s video about Peter’s denial…