Suddenly Jesus met them. “Greetings,” he said.

Matthew 28: 9

Reading: Matthew 28: 1-10

Soon after his encounter with Mary Magdalene, he met with 3 other devoted women - Mary, the mother of James, Salome and Joanna. He greeted them and told them to go and share the news with the other disciples.

Why is it that Jesus chose to reveal himself to the women first?

We cannot know for sure but there are two theories that makes a lot of sense. Let’s look at them today. Firstly, even though Jesus was dead, and the women really had no thought that he would appear alive amongst them, they continued to serve and follow him. They had followed and served him in life, providing for his needs out of their own pockets, listening to his teachings, watching his miracles and healings, being willing to be ostracised because of their association with him. They did not let death deter him, they continued to do what they could for him. Their faithfulness was rewarded.

Secondly, all four Gospel accounts confirm that the first people to see the resurrected Christ, and indeed, the first preachers of the resurrection, were women, not men. Jesus could just as easily have appeared to Peter or one of the other apostles, but he deliberately and intentionally chose to appear to the women first. Women as well as men were credible witnesses of the resurrection and commissioned to pass the news on to the world.


Lord, I desire to serve and follow You with all my heart. 

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