Jesus said to them, ‘The Son of Man.. will be raised on the third day’

Matthew 17: 23


Reading: Matthew 17: 20-23

Jesus had told them it would happen. And he couldn’t have been more clear about it – I’m going to be arrested, killed and then raised back to life on the third day.

But let’s face it, resurrection is not something you see every day. The disciples had no frame of reference for it. They didn’t even question Jesus when he shared this astonishing news with them. They rebuked him for saying he was going to die; they sorrowed greatly at the thought of all they would lose with his death – but they never said as much as “What do you mean..be raised on the third day?”

They probably thought he was referring to something spiritual. I’m sure you and I would have had exactly the same thoughts. We too would have explained away Jesus’ weird statement about being ‘raised’.

I wonder..are there other very real, very literal truths in the Bible that you and I are spiritualising or explaining away?


Lord, show me where I am 'explaining away' things in the Bible that are actually completely true and literal. 

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