Then He said to the disciple, “Behold your mother!”

John 19: 27

Reading: John 19: 25-29 and 1 Peter 5: 7

It really is astonishing to see how faithfulness on the part of the believer, earns very special rewards from Jesus. The only disciples who followed Jesus right to the cross were some of his female disciples, and John. They were rewarded by getting to see the amazing other-centered of Jesus, even in his hour of greatest agony on the cross. 

Crucifixion was invented by the Persians between 300-400 BC and perfected by the Romans in the first century BC.  It is arguably the most painful and stressful death ever invented by man. The term 'excruciating' comes from the cross. Only the most vicious criminals were crucified. How terribly unjust that Jesus should have been subjected to this. 

By the time Jesus uttered the words "behold your mother" he would already have been experiencing some of the worst effects of the cross - nerves in his hands and arteries in his feet would have been severed causing paralysis and bleeding, his shoulders would have been dislocated causing his chest to slump forward, his thigh muscles would have collapsed and he would have been struggling for every breath. 

In that state he looked at John who was possibly, even then, comforting Mary. Jesus remembered his courage, love and faithfulness - and called upon it. His mother, whose heart must have been broken in pieces, was in that moment relieved of at least one worry - how will I live, who will take care of me? 

Beloved disciple, if Jesus could concern himself with those around him in his most difficult hour, believe that he concerns himself with you now. Pour out your troubles to him, your needs to him, because "he cares for you".


Forgive me Jesus for ever maligning you by thinking that you don't care for me. 

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