We had a great response to our #Countdown to Christmas devotions. From 1 January we have another meaningful series for you - #Big Picture in a Year.

The Big Picture in a year is a series of 365 daily devotions that take you through the whole Bible – from Genesis to Revelation. Each day’s devotion includes ideas, suggestions, links to Youtube videos and discussion points for you to share with your children, whether they’re young or in their teens, so that you can do these devotions as a family or as part of your daily Quiet Time. The devotions were written by various contributors from the Kings Cross team, who are all looking forward to taking this journey with you in 2021. 

The Creation - Gill D'achada

The People - Gill D'achada and Cassandra Naidoo

The Fall and The Flood - Cassandra Naidoo

The Promise - John D'achada

The Exodus - Gill D'achada and Cassandra Naidoo

The Law - Cathrin Pretorius

The Wilderness - John D'achada

The Land - Lorne Scott Wilson

The United Monarchy and The Division - Lorne Scott Wilson

The Exile and The Return - Gill D'achada

The Rescue, The Mission and The New Creation - Gill D'achada

If you haven't yet done The Big Picture course, or you'd like a refresher, go to the link below to access the online course - with more than 32 hours of video, assignments, quizzes and notes. Plus, this online course is part of the internationally accredited Kings Cross Certificate in Theology and Biblical Studies.