FAITH STATION is produced by King's Cross Ministries and has been published daily for the last 12 years. There are many daily devotionals available - so what makes FAITH STATION different? 

FAITH STATION is much more substantial than the average daily devotional. One meaty bite at a time, we take you through a different Biblical topic or study every month. But FAITH STATION also presents a significant personal application every day, as well as creative guidelines for how to do the devotional with the whole family, whether your kids are young or older.  

FAITH STATION follows a different topic every month, unpacking it over the course of 30 days so you can fill up on God's nutritious Word and receive strength and encouragement from Heaven every day.

At the moment we are busy with a series called Big Picture in a Year that is unpacking the whole Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, over the course of this year. 

Get onboard today - follow this link on the King's Cross website or access daily via Instagram