“In the beginning God”

Genesis 1: 1

Reading: 1 Corinthians 3: 9-16

Beginnings are very important. Start as you mean to go on is advice we give to anyone starting out in a new venture. Start as you mean to go on we tell the new young bride. In other words, don’t think that he’ll offer to help with the dishes eventually as time goes on; no, insist that he does his fair share from the word go. Start as you mean to go on we tell the businessman. In other words, don’t be too chummy with your employees now, if later, you’re going to have to manage them for the good of the company.  

Many a sage has advised that the way you start your day has an impact on how the rest of the day rolls out. It’s almost become an industry. If you Google “morning routine” you’ll get over 50 million results.

Those of you who have done our Foundation Stones course will know that we consider the foundation of a building, its beginning, to be the most crucial stage in the building process. Get that wrong and the whole building is liable to topple down around you one day.  No other start can you have to your Christian life than to lay the cornerstone Jesus Christ. When he is your beginning, he will also be your ultimate end.

The beginning of something is like a seed. Contained in it is all that will develop later. The reason we dedicate a whole month of The Big Picture in a Year to just 1 short chapter in the Bible is precisely because it is the beginning of the story.  If God chose to start His story there, then we should pay special and careful attention to it.

And just where did He begin His story? By telling us that once upon a time, God..


Father, it is simultaneously unnerving and so comforting to realize that there was a time when I was not. You brought me into being. You are my Father, my beginning, and You love me.

For the family


Tell a little anecdote about each child when he or she was a baby, from a time before they could remember. Then explain how God created each one of us from a seed and an egg, before we knew anything or could remember anything. He is our Father.


Explain how the full, mature plant is present in embryo, in every seed. Plant some seeds together and take care of them so that they will eventually sprout and grow. Children of all ages can do this together with parents as a family.