The Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.

Genesis 2: 18

Reading: Romans 13: 1-7

As we saw in our studies of Genesis 1, relationality lies at the core of the Trinity and this theme continues on into Genesis 2. We are made in the image of a Triune communion and so we are creatures of communion too – communion with God and with each other.

God made mankind divided into two different genders so that they could relate to one another as same, but different. The opening chapters of Genesis give us insight into God’s original intent for how men and women would relate to one another. Both male and female were created in the likeness of God. Both male and female were blessed. Both male and female were given the task of ruling and caring for the Earth.

Men and women were created under God, over Earth, and side-by-side with one another. In terms of their relationship, both male and female were created as a match for one another, of the same flesh and bones. They were to be one flesh. God’s original intent for human beings is that both male and female would bear the image of God, share in God’s blessing, and join in God’s work.


Lord, it is sometimes difficult to celebrate the diversity You designed because the Fall has brought with it so much hostility between the genders. Help me to see things Your way.

For the family


Share today’s devotion with the family in an age-appropriate way. Explain that men and women, boys and girls, were given the right to be the kings and queens, princes and princesses of Earth. Let each child have fun saying what they want their royal contribution to be.


We never want these devotions to be too ‘religious’ for kids, but interesting, something they look forward to every day. Let them find out some fun facts now by looking at these videos about kings and queens.

Older teens

kings and queens

For girly girls


Disney princesses

For everyone


Arrange a fun movie night for the kids, to watch all the Narnia movies.