These are the begettings of the heavens and of the earth when they were created

Genesis 2: 4

Reading: Genesis 3: 19; Genesis 18: 27; Isaiah 45: 9; Job 33: 4-6; Acts 17: 25

There's something else you need to notice as we shift from Genesis 1 to Genesis 2 that will give you huge understanding about the nature of humanity and especially, about the special relationship between God and mankind. After all, it is this relationship that forms the foundation for everything that follows in the Bible story. It is no exaggeration to say that Genesis 1–3 is the interpretive foundation of all Scripture.

Early on in Genesis, in Genesis 2: 4, we find what is called a toledoth. The whole of the book of Genesis is structured around 10 uses of the word toledoth and this one in Genesis 2: 4 is the very first of those toledothsToledoth is a Hebrew word meaning something like “these are the generations” or “these are the begettings". You’ll notice that this structure is used throughout the book of Genesis. Every time you see it, think of it as the opener to a new section of the book - almost like a chapter heading. 

When Genesis 2: 4 announces we'eleh tôledôt, "these are the begettings of heaven and earth" we are to understand that the first human couple are products of the marriage of Heaven and Earth. Heaven and Earth together produced Adam and Eve. Mankind was made of a union between Heaven and Earth.  

The Earth element of humanity is referred to as ‘dust’ in the Bible - aphar adamah. Can you see the wordplay link between adamah and Adam? Humanity is from the earth. Men and women are Earthlings. 

But man was not only formed from aphar adamah. God-breath is his other component.

Man was created through a twofold process of being formed from dust and then breathed into by God. The terms Spirit and breath, in reference to God, are often used interchangeably. God’s breath is His Spirit. God exhaled His breath into the body that He had formed, giving man not only an earthly origin but a divine one too.

It is precisely because of our Heavenly component that we can be made into the image of the Eternal son and that we can have a special relationship with our Heavenly Father. We were literally made for relationship with God. 


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