“And there was evening and there was morning – the second day.”

Genesis 1: 8

Reading: Genesis 1: 6-8; Psalm 19:1

At the end of Day 1, the earth was still completely covered by water. If you had been there, you would have seen nothing but water. On Day 2 of Creation, we encounter the formation of Earth’s atmosphere, with the water being separated into two parts – oceanic and subterranean water and atmospheric water. This separation produced the sky.

It is truly amazing how complicated and intricate our atmosphere is. As you’ll discover when you watch the HIGHLY recommended video that I’ve provided the link for below, our atmosphere is composed of four distinct layers. Each layer has a unique protection role to play for our planet. The air that we breathe is made up of mainly nitrogen, some oxygen, and a tiny amount of other gases such as carbon dioxide. These are in just the right amounts. If there was a lot more oxygen, then a single spark could set the world on fire. If there was a lot more nitrogen, we would suffocate. Carbon dioxide is essential for plants to live, but is deadly to humans in large quantities. Earth’s atmosphere has only a tiny amount of carbon dioxide, which is plenty for all the plants, because they use it very efficiently, and this small amount is harmless for us. By comparison, the atmosphere on Mars is 95% carbon dioxide.

The vast amount of water on Earth helps keep Earth’s temperature fairly steady. And of course, it’s essential for life. What as astonishing scientist our God is!


Lord, I see that You are the scientist of all scientists. Its incredible how perfectly You made everything for life and existence.

For the family

Whatever you do, don’t miss sharing

this incredible journey through the atmosphere

with your family.

It gives glory to God and produces such respect for His genius. Nothing more needs to be said. You’ll enjoy it too…and learn a lot!

While older kids watch the video, younger kids can draw a picture of the sky and add in all the things they can think of that we find in the sky, like birds, insects, butterflies, clouds, stars, sun, moon, planets, airplanes, balloons.

After you’ve watched the video, take some time to pray and praise God for making the sky and providing everything that we need to breathe and keep our planet safe.