“And there was evening, and there was morning, the fourth day.”

Genesis 1: 19

Reading: Genesis 1: 14-19

Now, oddly, although God made ‘light’ on Day 1, it is only on Day 4 that He made the ‘light-bearers’ of our solar system - the sun, moon and stars. It is at this point that we enter into realms little understood by mankind.

Light, as we saw earlier, is really just a form of energy and not necessarily brightness that illuminates things. Our sun, moon and stars are light bearers for us, amongst other things.

The sun doesn’t only provide light and warmth for also makes a huge gravitational pull which is what keeps Earth in its orbit. Electric currents in the sun generate a magnetic field that is carried throughout the solar system by the solar wind—a stream of electrically charged gas blowing outward from the sun in all directions. The connection and interactions between the sun and Earth drive the seasons, ocean currents, weather, climate, radiation belts and aurorae.

Without the sun's intense energy, there would be no life on Earth. I often think of the relationship between the sun and the Earth as a metaphor for our human relationship with God.


Dear Lord, how intricate and precise our world is that You made for us. I see how utterly dependent we are on silly of me to worry about anything. I should run to All-Powerful You instead.

For the family


Briefly explain what God made on the 4th day.


Young kids

Go to this link

to get some inspiration for a super-easy sun craft using paper plates. They are quick and easy for kids to finish while you tell them all about the sun.

Older kids

You can watch this

kids video about the sun here

If its day-time while you are doing this devotional, take the family outside to try and imagine a world without the sun. Awful! Thank God for the sun. And you might want to give a quick reminder about the importance of sun block! 

Older kids

Teens might enjoy this quiz about the solar system.

  1. How many Earth’s could you fit into the sun?

1 000 000

  1. If Earth was just 5% closer to the sun, what would happen to the oceans?

They would boil and evaporate

  1. If Earth was just 5% further away from the sun, what would happen to the oceans?

They would freeze