When Adam had lived 130 years, he had a son in his own likeness, in his own image; and he named him Seth.

Genesis 5: 3

Reading: Hosea 11: 1; Matthew 2: 15

Adam was the first firstborn. He was the first son of God. He functioned as prophet, priest and king before God.

When the first man and woman fell, God set about creating another firstborn son, Israel. Israel was, of course, a corporate son, in a manner of speaking. Israel was a nation, a nation set apart for the Lord alone. In Israel the offices of priest, prophet and king were separated into distinct offices and distributed among different people in Israel.

Finally, the last Adam, Jesus, was incarnated. He came from Israel and, in fact, replaced Israel as the true son of God. In him the offices of prophet, priest and king are once again brought together. Under the leadership of Jesus, the Church now officiates as God’s prophet, priest and king on Earth.

How does the Church do this? The Church holds the Word of God and proclaims it to the world. The Church brings the needs of mankind before God. The Church has delegated power and authority from Heaven and exercises dominion over evil in the name of Jesus.

How involved are you in being a prophet, priest and king on the Lord’s behalf?


Yes Lord, I understand that you have left me on Earth for a reason – to be a prophet, priest and king on Your behalf. Show me, guide me, lead me and teach me how to do this.

For the family


Explain today’s devotion in an age-appropriate way then discuss all the ways in which you as a family can serve the Lord in this life.