But I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not carry out the desire of the flesh.

Galatians 5:16

Reading: John 15:26 – 16:1; James 1: 22 - 25

We learned yesterday that the first of the five mandates is to rule and subdue. Did you know that you’ve been called to be God’s underruler? You’ve been tasked with the job of governing and leading, as God’s co-labourer, right here on this fallen earth.

Many a time the intense purpose of you walking in dominion, the massive relevance it has on the way you do this life and the incredible impact it has on world, is merely overlooked. We naïvely think that dominion is someone else’s responsibility. Maybe it's for the Church elders or someone with a greater call on their life. But you are qualified! You are called to live a life of abundance and freedom by exercising dominion over sin, satan and yourself – with the help of the Holy Spirit.

Always faithful to his word, Jesus sent us the ultimate helper. As you choose to rule over the sinful nature of your flesh, you can be assured of the help of the person of the Holy Spirit who lives in you. But just like any other relationship it requires you to, at the very least, acknowledge him. To walk with someone means to keep in step – to be mindful of – to journey together. On this journey of life – are you walking with the Spirit? Are you ever ready to hear His promptings and respond with absolute and prompt obedience. Are you ready to exercise dominion in the areas He reveals to you and to employ His help where you are struggling?

Lets spend a few moments today as we confess the things that may be hindering us in our walk with the Spirit – and thereby causing us to lose authority.


Holy Spirit thank you for living in me. Thank you that you are here to help me live according to God’s ways. Thank you for showing me where I have not exercised my God given authority over sin, satan and my body. Help me today as I choose to agree with the word of God in my heart – and to do the will of God with my body.

For the Family

Click the link to watch the short clip from a fictional movie called Ella Enchanted.

Explain to your children that taking dominion in their lives against things that are contrary to God’s word is likened to the defeat of the villain in their favourite movie.