But the Counsellor, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you.

John 14: 26

Reading:  1 Corinthians 14: 2, 4, 14 and 15; Romans 8:14

Stewarding your time in relation to God’s word is of prime importance. We discussed that in yesterday’s devotional. But, as we saw in our Creation devotions in January, God’s word is always accompanied by God’s breath, His Spirit. It stands to reason then that stewarding your relationship with your helper and teacher, the Holy Spirit, is of equal value.

All relationships require stewardship. Relationships often begin easily, but require input in order to be sustained. When you first put your faith in Christ, the Holy Spirit decided He would live in you. His place of residence would be wherever you took your body. What you looked at, He would see, where you went, He would go, and what you touched and felt, He would feel too.

And yet far too often, as I mentioned before, we fail to even acknowledge His presence, let alone talk to Him. What would it be like if you went a day without speaking to members of your household? Can you imagine driving in the car together or having your meals together and not saying a word to each other? Seems completely foreign and a little strange at the very least. Why do we think this would be ok with God?

Perhaps it's because we can’t see the Holy Spirit, it is understandably difficult to maintain a relationship with someone you can’t see. This holds true even in human relationships. Think how much stronger your relationship is with the people who are in close proximity with you. But even though you can’t see the Holy Spirit, you can perceive His real presence in many other ways. One of these is by speaking in tongues. In fact, it was the primary reason why the heavenly language of tongues was given to us.

Paul says that when we speak in tongues we edify or strengthen our spirits, but our minds are unfruitful. We don’t know exactly what we’re praying or saying – sometimes we get a sense of joy or anguish or awestruck worship – but our minds can’t access this language. What we can know with absolute confidence though is that heartfelt communication is going on from spirit to Spirit, Spirit to spirit. We can know that we are communing and fellowshipping with God and being strengthened in the process.

Make greater use of your tongues language. It is the easiest way to steward your time in relation to the Holy Spirit. Make special time, carve it out in your diary, or pray in tongues while you’re driving, listening to music, painting, watering the garden, doing the dishes, cooking or even while you’re preparing that big presentation for the boardroom.


Thank you Holy Spirit for choosing to live in me – and that You are always with me. Even when I can’t feel You I will choose to give my time to fellowshipping with You and hearing what You say.

For the family

Explain the concept of ‘invisible’ to your children, and help them understand that even though they can not see the Holy Spirit, they can be confident that He lives in them because of the promises of God. Encourage them to speak to Him.