If your brother sins against you, go and show him his fault, just between the two of you. If he listens to you, you have won your brother over.

Matthew 18: 15

Reading: Matthew 18:15 – 20; Amos 3: 3; Romans 15: 5 - 7

So marriage is hard work! If you’ve been married for a while – some form of sceptical cynicism may have crept in. I remember these types of people attempting to congratulate me on my wedding day with half-hearted comments like “let’s see how long you think this is wonderful” or “come talk to me in a year and let's see if you’re still happy”. Far too many people get into marriage thinking it’s about sunshine, rainbows, butterflies and roses – only to find after the honeymoon phase that it requires work. Work they weren’t prepared for. So they’re tempted to throw in the towel- like cancelling a gym contract or closing a bank account.

But marriage was designed to be difficult – it is one of the greatest baptisms of sufferings because it causes a maturity in us far more extraordinary than any other relationship. If you’ve been immersed in a church long enough then you understand how all relationships require work. Marriage is just a much more intense version. Within the confines or marriage we are taught how to live with another person – areas of our lives that require refining are highlighted and hopefully, confronted. God’s commands teach us how to live in order for Him to dwell among us. It’s no wonder marriage is so close to His heart!

In Matthew 18 Jesus teaches us a practice of confrontation; done God’s way for God’s purpose. God is into restoration. He knows that in relationships we are bound to step on each others toes – but He has accounted for how to resolve even that and have true, deep unity. As uncomfortable as we may initially find this practice you can be assured that God desires forgiveness and reconciliation above all else and has made provision through the Matthew 18 process.

Marriage has the unique ability to either hinder or magnify your ability to fulfil all the other mandates.  When done God’s way – the benefits in exercising greater dominion, the ease of multiplying the image of God, working in faith and agreement, and working together toward stewardship is a guarantee for a blessed walk with God in this life.


Thank you Jesus for the practice given to me in Matthew 18. I choose to walk in agreement with my spouse on God’s word and to allow my marriage to amplify my Kingdom Mandates.

For The Family 

Demonstrate how to practice Matthew 18 in order to resolve conflict between children. Show how powerful agreement is in the home.