“And there was evening, and there was morning, the third day.”

Genesis 1: 13

Reading:  Genesis 1: 9-13; Psalm 18: 15; Psalm 104: 5-8

Remember what the Earth looked like in our last study?  The whole Earth was covered with water; waves were rushing over the face of the Earth and everything was obscured by a heavy mist of thick clouds and dense fog.  It would have been impossible to see any distance whatsoever from any place on Earth. 

But on the second day of creation, God set in motion the physical laws that caused the clouds and fog to leave the Earth and hang in the sky above. There was no dry land—no continents, no islands—no land whatsoever could be seen - only the surging waters.

On the third day, God separated the dry land from the water. Continents and islands were raised above the water. The large bodies of water were named seas and the ground was named land. Everything was ready for the living world. God created all plant life both large and small. He created this life to be self-sustaining; plants have the ability to reproduce. The plants were created in great diversity (many “kinds”). The Earth was green and teeming with plant life. A verdant ‘nursery’ waiting in expectation for the sons of God to appear.


Lord, I realize afresh how utterly depend I am on You – whether I am conscious of it or not. Thank You for Your faithfulness to mankind. 

For the family


Explain what God created on Day 3. Show the family what the Earth is made of.


For today’s session, cut up a variety of veggies and fruits that the family can snack on while doing this devotion. Thank God for the plants He made on Day 3 that continue to delight and nourish us.