“Then their eyes were opened…”
Luke 24: 31

Reading:  Luke 24

So what? Many people have come to faith because of a personal experience with Jesus…does it really matter if we are convinced about the objective reality of the resurrection or not?

Actually…it does matter. There is more depending on the resurrection of Jesus than you may at this point realize. At very least, as David Seccombe puts it “if I am indifferent to the question of whether he died and rose, whatever faith I may think I have will bear little relation to that of the first Christians”. The great beauty of the Christian faith is that, although it is from first to last an existential relationship with God, it can also be explained and defended objectively and historically; although it is from beginning to end a walk of faith, it is undergirded by a fact-based assurance. 

That is why, before we move into considering the significance of the resurrection for our lives, we will study the evidence there is for the resurrection of Jesus.


Dear Father, teach me! I am ready to learn the deeper mysteries of the faith. 

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