Then the Lord said “Shall I hide form Abraham what I am about to do?”

Genesis 18:17


Reading:  Genesis 18:17- 33; John 15:13-15; James 2:23; 2 Peter 2:7

After God and these “men” sat eating the food that Sarah had prepared for them, it became evident that they were not ordinary human beings. They reminded Abraham and Sarah of the promise of a child, at which point Sarah sniggered. Laughing at God’s word is just a sign of your lack of trust in God’s Promises.

God’s decision to not hide the judgment of Sodom and Gomorrah gives us great insight into how God treats those He calls His friends.  God expects His friends to communicate with Him on matters that concern God’s reputation and the lives of people who do not even care to know about God. When we think of the horror of God destroying cities with many children in them, it is easy to forget that God had already sent Abraham to rescue those same cities from the bondage of slavery and testify to them about the goodness and kindness of God. But they refused to repent and in the end God’s friend intercedes for pardon – “if there are just ten who are seeking after God”. What a tragedy that except for Lot, his wife, their daughters and son-in-laws, there could be found no other person who wanted to know the Lord.

The Father still seeks close friendships with human beings. How are you going to respond? 


Lord, teach me about friendship with You, about defending Your reputation because I know You and love You so well. Thank You for availing Yourself to be my friend.



Briefly explain the study in an age-appropriate way and get your kids excited about the possibility of friendship with God.


Spend some time discussing friendship and the real friendships that your children have. Or perhaps they are struggling to make friends.

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