“wait for His son from heaven, whom He raised from the dead”
1 Thessalonians 1: 10

Reading:  1 Thessalonians 1: 1-10

The subject of the resurrection is not restricted to Luke’s account in Acts. The rest of the New Testament also testifies to the fact that the resurrection was pivotal to the Gospel the apostles preached. 

There is a good example of this in our reading for today. Here Paul is reminding the Thessalonians of how they became Christians in the first place. ‘Our Gospel came to you in power,’ he says. The power and gifts of the Holy Spirit were present. ‘We were examples to you,’ he continues. Their assurance of faith and lifestyles also preached. ‘You were so convinced and overjoyed that you turned from idols to serve the living God,’ Paul reminds them. ‘And now you are waiting for Jesus, who was raised from the dead, to come back again to save you,’ Paul concludes. 

Clearly then, the resurrection of Jesus was part and parcel of the Gospel these believers from Thessalonica first heard; and which they put their trust in. Was it part of the Gospel you first heard and believed? If not, you are going to be far richer and more certain of your faith by the end of this month.  


Father, I have been focusing on the death of Jesus and on how he became a substitute for me; I haven’t realized before how vital the resurrection is. Please add this to my faith during the course of this month. Enlarge my vision of salvation.

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