Abram traveled through the that time the Canaanites were in the and.

Genesis 12:6


ReadingGenesis 12:6 – 8; Genesis 23:10-20; Genesis 25:7-11

When God called Abram to leave his country he promised to give Abram and his descendants their own land. All Promises made by God will inevitably face opposition. In Abram’s case, he found that the land was already occupied by the Canaanites. They owned the land and it was Abram who was the foreigner and stranger. At that point, he could have given up on the Promise of land concluding that God was not willing, or able, to fulfil His promise. Or he could have said that it was too much of a fight to believe for God’s word to come to pass.

Thank God that he didn’t. By that time, Abram was made of sterner stuff.Thanks to the training that God had already put him through he didn’t drop the ball at the key moment.

What do you do when you experience opposition to a Promise that God has made to you?

Please don’t be surprised when you experience resistance..for resistance will always be there. Expect it. If you give up on God’s promise the accusation can be made against our Lord that He is not faithful to keep His word. Taking “ground” in agreement with God’s word is always full of the temptation to give up as the spiritual battle gets intense and/or delays come to frustrate.

Notice that at the end of his life Abraham only owned a burial field and cave of all the land that was promised. It seemed like the Promise made by God had failed. But we will see that the Promise made to Abraham was fulfilled in the generations to come. Some of the promises that God has made to you may well see fulfilment in the days of your children or your grandchildren. Perhaps you are fighting today for their inheritance tomorrow.


Lord Jesus deliver me from the temptation to give up when I face opposition to your word. Help me to finish my Christian race strong, as a living testimony to my family.



Briefly explain the study in an age-appropriate way, then spend time discussing the whole concept of inheritance with your children. Do they understand it? Are there special items in the home that they would like to inherit? Just have fun talking about it as a family. Help them to think generationally – help them to imagine that one day they will have children of their own.