The Lord said to Abram leave your country.... and go to the land I will show you.

Genesis 12:1


Reading: Genesis 12:5-7, Habakkuk 2:4, Romans 1:17, Romans 8:14. 

The call of God on Abram was to leave his country and go to the land that God would show him. Abram not only left his country as a great step of faith and obedience, but he also demonstrated his ever-increasing trust in God by being willing to be led to the place that God wanted to take him to.

Abram is a great teacher for every Christian. Through Abram we learn the example of following God step-by-step. Here is a man who not only obeys once, by leaving his country and family, but who continues on to develop a lifestyle of faith and obedience. He is an example of someone whom God can lead daily in the small steps that are necessary in order to establish a powerful witness. This step-by-step obedience, the small day-to-day acts of faith, prepared him for the greater battles that lay ahead.

When it comes to the ways of God, its important that you are aware that He teaches us to trust Him through confronting us with small acts of obedience – so that when the day of great testing comes, we are in the habit of obedience and we are able to keep faith with Him in the face of adversity and obstacles. Like Abram we must be willing to learn that faith does not remain the same “size” and “strength” but as we walk with the Holy Spirit and are taught by Him our faith grows and becomes more robust.

When he left Haran, in obedience, Abram had no idea that great mountains of difficulty lay ahead that would challenge his faith. Neither do we know of the great challenges that lie ahead for us. But we can know that if we obey God today, we’ll be prepared if and when those greater challenges come.


Lord I am willing to walk by faith. Help me to grow, trusting in Your promises as I look to You in my day to day life.



Continue to watch The Call of Abram and Sarai and discuss how God prepares us for big challenges with small tests of faith and obedience today.