“All authority has been given to me”
Matthew 28: 18

Reading:  Matthew 28

What does it mean that all authority has been given to the risen Lord? 

Just that. He now rules heaven and earth. The ‘prince of this world’ that we studied earlier has been cast down and Jesus is Lord. Jesus tells all his followers to go into the world and, by faith in his name, continue the good work that he began – teaching about the kingdom, healing, destroying the works of the evil one and proclaiming the forgiveness of sins. 

We can do so because he told us ‘as the Father sent me, I am sending you.’


Lord, it is so comforting to know that you have authority over the devil, over sickness and even over me. I trust you and worship you as Lord today. 

For the family

During this month, watch Season 1 of The Chosen together

The Chosen Season 1