“He has risen from the dead”
Matthew 28: 7

Reading:  Matthew 28;Mark 16

Tragic and painful as the Easter story is – and we have surely experienced a great deal of anguish as we have taken a whole month to study it – it has a glorious outcome. ‘Christ is risen’ is still the triumphal cry of the church across the world, no matter what denomination, every Easter.

This universal truth lies at the heart of our faith – Christ is risen. Why is this so important? Jesus’ sacrifice for our sins was found acceptable to the Father – therefore he raised him from the dead as a sign to you and I that our sins are forgiven and we too, will be raised to eternal life on judgement day. 

What a wonderful God we have. Glory in the highest! 


Lord, you are alive. You were dead but now you live. Let this wonderful truth sink deep down into my psyche and sustain me through thick and thin. 

For the family

During this month, watch Season 1 of The Chosen together

The Chosen Season 1