Now the Lord had said to Abram, “Leave your country, your people and your father’s household and go to the land I will show you.”

Genesis 12:1

Reading: Genesis 6:9-14, John 10:25-30

God spoke to Abram. We read about this in Genesis 6 and then again in Genesis 12. This is the most important thing that can happen to anyone in his or her lifetime. Throughout the unfolding story of the Bible we read about people who heard God speak to them. God spoke to Adam and said “where are you”; God spoke to Cain and asked “where is Abel your brother”; God spoke to Noah and told him to build the ark. These are all examples of the truth that no Promise can be received unless God speaks to you.

The sheer wonder of being able to hear God’s voice set the direction for the rest of Abram’s life. Note that Abram was not seeking God when He spoke to him, nor were any of the other people we’ve mentioned. The truth is, none of us were seeking God when He spoke to us either. The  greatest, ongoing reason to love and enjoy life on this earth is knowing that God has chosen to call you and make Himself known to you. What an act of grace that God spoke to you and revealed His wonderful Promise of salvation to you!

Just as God chose Abram, He chose you. Don’t let anyone tell you that you cannot hear God your Father talk to you. Don’t believe the lie that somehow you need to be a better person before God will speak to you. Today when He speaks to you respond with thanksgiving, and rejoice that you can hear Him.


Lord I rejoice that you sent your Spirit to live inside me and lead me into truth. Lord I open my heart to hear your voice today.



Explain in an age-appropriate way that Abram was able to obey God and follow Him because he heard God speaking to him. Tell kids that you are all going to practice talking to, and hearing from, God.


Watch this short clip and then assist your children, and indeed, the whole family, to ‘chat and catch’. Suggest things that the children chat to God about – favourite colour, favourite food, happy time in the day, difficult time in the day – then use drawing or other means to ‘catch’ what God is saying. Kids can ask God “how much do you love me?” or “what do you love best about me?”

Parents, watch this video all about how you can..

Teach Kids to Hear God's Voice

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