“Stop doubting and believe”
John 20: 27

Reading:  John 20

Jesus followers: the doubters

Thomas, who church legend tells us went on to plant the first church in India, was a pragmatic man. He just couldn’t believe that a man could rise from the dead. 

Although Jesus often calls his disciples ‘o ye of little faith’, he is ever-patient with them. He makes a special appearance just for Thomas’ sake and invites him to put his hands in his scars. Thomas falls prostrate before him and declares Jesus to be God. No wonder he had the courage to later go to India with the Gospel; his doubts had been resolved. 

Doubt is not the same as unbelief. Unbelief is a stubborn refusal to believe; doubt is the inability of the mind to accept the incredible. Take your doubts to Jesus; he will help you. 


Lord, thank you that I can bring all my doubts and questions to you and you will answer them. 

For the family

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