“When Jesus saw the disciple whom he loved”
John 19: 26

Reading:  John 19: 25 - 27;John 20: 1, 2

Jesus’ followers: the beloved

Why is John found at the cross when the others had fled? 

John often refers to himself as the disciple whom Jesus loved or the beloved disciple. Does this mean Jesus didn’t love the others? Of course not. It is just that John had such a revelation concerning Jesus’ love for him that this love constrained him during this time of great trial. 

The love of God for you will have the same effect on you. You will be able to obey him no matter what and able to stand faithful to the end – if and when you really know how great and high and wide the love of God is. 


Lord, grant me a spiritual revelation of your love. I want to live in it, walk in it, every day. Please let the love of God be shed abroad in my heart today. 

For the family

During this month, watch Season 1 of The Chosen together

The Chosen Season 1