“Then all the disciples deserted him and fled”
           Matthew 26: 56

Reading: Matthew 26: 31 - 56

Jesus’ followers: the frightened disciples

They had just been on a glory ride with Jesus – healings, miracles, crowds following them. Sure, there had been some scary moments, like when they accompanied Jesus to raise Lazarus, but just enough to get the adrenalin going. 

But now, in the Garden of Gethsemane as our reading for today tells us, they face something they are not yet equipped to deal with – real, life-threatening persecution – and instinctively, they rush to preserve their own lives. It is only after they are clothed with power from on high, that they receive the boldness and faith they need to stand up for Jesus, no matter what. 

Did you ever spend time thinking about how far you are willing to follow Jesus?


Lord, there are places you go, where I need to follow, that my flesh wants to shrink back from. I admit, sometimes I am shocked at what you expect from me. Help me to keep on following you. 

For the family

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