“there may be a riot among the people”
Matthew 26: 5

Reading:  Matthew 4: 23 - 25 

Jesus’ followers: the lost sheep of Israel

There was another group who, like Mary, adored Jesus - we could call them ‘the lost sheep of Israel’. 

We meet these people at various points in the Gospel story. They are the people who delighted in Jesus’ miracles and teachings, the ones who had been kept far from God by the rules of men like the Pharisees. Now we meet them again, at the end of the story, hungry for the truth and power of God. Although unknown by name, they are such a powerful force that the synagogue rulers are afraid to arrest Jesus in front of them in case they riot.

These are the countless, nameless followers who made up the early church. 


You are the Good Shepherd whose concern is for his people. Thank you Lord for your heart for the ordinary people.

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