Noah was a righteous man, blameless among his contemporaries; Noah walked with God.

Genesis 6: 6-9


Reading: Galatians 5: 16-26

What was the secret to Noah's ability to obey God? Not only was he blameless compared to his contemporaries - in other words, he didn't allow their evil to influence and corrupt him, he was his own man - the Bible tells us that he "walked with God."

When God came to Noah and spoke to him about the great deluge He was going to send on the earth, this was clearly not the first time that Noah had heard from God. He knew Him well. He walked with Him. 

What does it mean to walk with God? Can we still walk with God today? How do we walk with God? If we cannot see Him, and physically engage with Him, how is it possible to walk with an unseen God?

We can summarise the meaning of "walk with God" like this - don't do life without Him. 

In big ways and small ways, let your life so revolve around the Lord and your relationship with Him, that  no part of your life is lived independently of Him. 

Do you long to walk with God like Noah did? Then talk to Him about the big things and the small things. Ask for advice on what to cook tonight, or which school to send your children to? When He gives you His counsel, take it, obey it, walk in it. 

If you can learn a habit of obedience to God, He can use you to save the world - just like He did with Noah. 


It may seem far-fetched – but you have the ability to have a relationship with God that is so close, it can surpass all other relationships that you already have, and will ever have. You speak, He listens, and He speaks back. And while you may not feel a physical embrace – He is the greatest comforter known to man. 

Noah walked with God – and you can too.


Yes Father God, I will bring every aspect of my life into relationship with You, for I know that by Your indwelling Spirit, You are always with me. Forgive me for ignoring You so many times and help me to "walk with" You from now on. 

For the Family

Explain & Engage

Talk to your children about how it was that Noah could obey such a preposterous instruction from God - it was because Noah knew God so well. He knew that God was wonderful and powerful and holy and completely trustworthy. He walked with God. Help your children to see how they too could learn how to walk with God.