“Judas ...was seized with remorse...”
Matthew 27: 3

Reading:  Matthew 27: 1 - 10 

Jesus’ followers: the betrayer

Mary’s actions were especially severely criticised by one person, Judas Iscariot, and it is no coincidence that his treatment of Jesus follows immediately after the story of Mary. We are meant to note the contrast. 

Judas is one of the most tragic figures in the Easter story. The moment Satan had finished using him for his own purposes, his eyes were opened and he saw, with horror, what he had done. Why could Judas be used in this way? Because he had allowed certain sins, certain enemies, to remain in his heart, in his land. Greed, the love of money, suspicion, fear of man – Satan had plenty of handholds when he assailed Judas’s defences. And when he sought help from his religious leaders, they were callous. ‘It’s your problem,’ they said. And Judas ended up taking his own life in despair. 

It’s important that we allow God to deal with the sins and false perceptions in our hearts that could give Satan a way in to use us. 


Dear Lord, today I give you permission to drive every enemy out of my body, mind, soul and spirit. Please bless me by removing my blind spots and grace me with total deliverance from all deception and evil. 

For the family

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