“they had followed Jesus to care for his needs”
Matthew 27: 55

Reading: Matthew 27: 54 -Matthew 28: 10; Phillippians 2

Jesus’ followers: the women

The women who followed Jesus were not counted among the 12 apostles – but the Bible clearly displays them as his most devoted followers and closest friends. 

Our passage today tells us that these women followed Jesus, not for what they could get from him, but in contrast, to care for his needs. What a privilege. Even his death did not distract them from their devotion; they continued to serve him and as a result, they were the first to see the risen Lord. 

There are many reasons for following Jesus and many ways in which to serve his church but none so pure as those displayed by these women. 


I don’t want to use you or your people to serve my own interests Lord; I ask today that you give me a heart like these women. 

For the family

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