“If the world hates you, remember it hated me first” 
John 15: 18

Reading:  John 15: 18 – John 17: 17

Jesus’ adversaries: fear

The devil was not the only adversary Jesus had to contend with; from before he was even born right up to his Passover death, many men hated him too; prime amongst them, the rulers and authorities. 

Why is this? Why is it that half-Jew kings, Gentile overlords and Jewish religious leaders were able to agree on one thing - that Jesus was someone that should be annihilated? Surely it is because they were able to discern that in the person of Jesus, the true ruler and authority of the world was present. And he posed an enormous threat to them. 

The only ruler who did not bay for Jesus’ blood was Pontius Pilate, who was warned through a dream that his wife had not to participate in this travesty of justice; so he washed his hands as a symbol of his innocence. 


Lord, it’s true – you pose an enormous threat to the sinful nature. You are not a religious leader that I can follow without submitting my whole life to you and especially to your holy commands. I submit myself to you once again today.

For the family

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