Then the Lord said to Cain, “Where is your brother Abel?”

Genesis 4: 9

Reading: Genesis 4

So far in the Big Picture in a Year, we have seen that God created everything and it was good. He created people and a good land for them to live in, with Him. Eden. However, they failed to obey His Word and were banished from the Garden, and lost access to eternal life, in an event we call the Fall. Now we pick up the story outside Eden. 

Although the banishment is devastating, all is not completely lost. Even though Adam and Eve are no longer living in Eden, with God, but outside in the wilderness, there they have two children - Cain and Abel. They also hear that at some point in the future, God will send a saviour who will destroy the serpent who deceived them. They are still able to communicate with God, who covers them with animal skins..but it's not the way it used to be. 

We see the first sign of the sinfulness that has penetrated the human condition straight away when Cain kills Abel in a fit of jealous rage. The punishment Cain receives sounds very similar to the punishment that his parents received, doesn't it? Driven from the land, no rest, no peace. 

But this time, it's even worse. Cain is actually "driven from the Lord's presence".

Sin always produces the same fruits. If sin has produced restlessness and a loss of God's presence - take heart. No matter how far you have wandered from God, it is always possible to repent and turn back. 


Dear Lord, keep me by Your side I pray. 

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