But the Lord God called to the man, “Where are you?”

Genesis 3: 9

Reading: Genesis 3: 8, 9; Luke 2: 13, 14

There is tremendous pathos in our Reading for today. In it we see that it was the norm for Adam and Eve, and God, to walk together in the blissful climes of Eden.

Eden was the place where Heaven and Earth intersected, a place where God and man lived together. It was a natural Temple. Here mankind and God enjoyed a beautiful friendship. However, after they sinned, Adam and Eve experienced guilt and shame which caused them to hide away from, and avoid contact with, the Lord.

The question that God asked Adam and Eve in Genesis 3: 9, “Where are you?” is the same question He asks of you today. Where are you? Are you walking closely with the Lord through this dark and difficult world? Or, are you busy compromising with it in order to survive? Are you enjoying sweet fellowship with God? Or, hiding away because of real or imagined guilt?

Can we even conceive of a world in which God and man can dwell together in peace and harmony and deep, deep fellowship? In Christ, the great loss of Genesis 3 is redeemed. In Christ, there is a way made back to God.

This is why the angelic host sang out triumphantly on the night that Jesus was born into the world,

“ Peace to men on Earth”


Thank you for making a way for me to walk closely with you Father. 

For the family

You and your children will enjoy this video about the relationship between Heaven and Earth.