“You will not certainly die,” the serpent said to the woman. “For God knows that when you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.”

Genesis 3: 4, 5

Reading: Genesis 3: 1-4; Matthew 4: John 8: 44

As our Reading for today reveals, evil always works in the same way to get you and I to disobey God and do its will. The way Satan tempted Eve was the same way that he tempted Jesus - and is the same way that he will tempt you.

Evil tries to persuades you to make a choice against God's Word by putting a subtle question mark over God's character. Eventually he is not so subtle, he comes directly against God Word by saying "You will not die." He brazenly lies to Eve because he perceives that she is willing to engage with him and consider his suggestions. 

So dangerous! 

If there is one takeaway in today's devotion it is this - God speaks truth, Satan lies. 

Jesus himself told us this in John 8 - when Satan lies he speaks his native language. Conversely, when God speaks truth He speaks His native language.

Therefore, you can never afford to engage with Satan's logic around God's Word. You may even think its your logic at work, but it is being fired from hell. You will ALWAYS find yourself on the receiving end of a deception and a lie, that has been cleverly designed to ruin you. 

In tomorrow's devotion we will be taking a deeper look at the serpent - who he is and what he can and cannot do. Don't miss it.


Father, I trust You and I know Your Word is sure and powerful. Help me to always, always act according to what I believe. 

For the family


Explain the devotion in an age-appropriate way.


Talk about lying and the reasons why we choose to lie:

We don't want to get into trouble

We're afraid

We want to continue doing something

We want to look cool in front of other people

This is temptation. But when we lie, we are actually siding with the devil. He keeps us in darkness and shame after we lie. What can we do instead? Find a trusted person who we know loves us, and admit the truth. The result will be, we will feel clean and free....that means the devil has lost his hold on us. Grrrrrrr!!! Yah!!!!!