“For God did not send His son into the world to 
condemn the world…” 
John 3: 17

Reading: 1 John 4:14; James 1:17; Romans 6: 4

The Father: of compassion

Just as Jesus constantly cast his eyes heavenward, in search of the Father’s wisdom, counsel, command, approval and provision, we would do well to do likewise. 

And what do we see when we consider the Father’s role in the Easter story? As we noted in yesterday’s devotions, Easter was born in the heart of the Father. Our reading for today is taken from just after the famous John 3: 16 passage we all know so well – for God so loved the world that He gave His son. When we meditate upon the heart of the Father, let us remember His extravagant Easter gift to us; salvation. And let us consider too, that this gift cost Him dearly.  

There is a tendency in the heart of sinful man to ascribe all kinds of harshness to God; sinful man has a proclivity to accuse and fear the Father. This Easter, let us allow the truth of the Father’s heart to renew our minds. 


Father, I dare not allow the sinful nature to tell me who You are. As you said to Moses, ‘I AM who I AM’. Please reveal Yourself to me in truth.

For the family

During this month, watch Season 1 of The Chosen together

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