“Did you not know I must be about my 
Father’s business?”
Luke 2: 49

Reading:   Luke 2: 41 - 51

The Father: of Jesus

In considering the Father, we must start with the understanding that He is first and foremost Jesus’ Father; and that every one of Jesus’ words and actions were motivated by a desire to do His Father’s will. 

It would not be an exaggeration to say that Jesus was motivated by one passion only - to serve the Father. Yes, he loved people, healed them and showed tremendous concern and compassion for them; but all of this flowed out of his primary relationship with his Father. Every day, in every way, Jesus was constantly about his Father’s business. 

Easter, thus, began in the Father’s heart. His was the love, His was the concern, His was the sending of His son. And why? Because of our great need.


Father, once you were only Jesus’ Father but now You are mine too. Lest in our Easter meditations we forget that our salvation was born in Your heart, I am taking this time now to thank You from the bottom of mine. And thank you too Father, that I have also been brought into the family business.

For the family

During this month, watch Season 1 of The Chosen together

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