“Then the Lord said to Moses, Consecrate to me every first-born male”
Exodus 13: 1

Reading: Genesis 3; Genesis 22: Exodus 11, 12 

Every story has a beginning, but it’s difficult to know where the Easter story has its start.

Do we look back to the Passover deliverance of the tribes of Israel from Egypt, to the blood of the Lamb that spared the Jews from the slaying hand of the angel of death? 

Or do we look further back, to a God-fearing man named Abraham, walking with his son Isaac up Mount Moriah? Do we watch him prepare to slay his son, only to have his hand stayed by the voice of an angel and the provision of God? Perhaps we need to go right back to Genesis 3, to the greatest tragedy that ever befell mankind, the moment that sin entered the world, dominion was given to Satan and Adam and Eve were forced to leave Eden? 

On this particular Easter I would like to suggest that we steer our meditations even further back than all these events; to the heart of the main protagonist of the Easter story – God the Father. 


Father. My heart leaps within me when I say that word. I know You on such a deep, instinctive level; and yet I know You not at all. Draw me even nearer to Yourself, I pray, this Easter. 

For the family

During this month, watch Season 1 of The Chosen together

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