One of Justin Martyr’s contemporaries was Tatian of Adiabene. He was a second-century writer and theologian from Syria. His works include the Diatessaron (“From Four”), a paraphrase of the four Gospels that combined all four books into one; the Oratio ad Graecos, or “Address to the Greeks,” which contains a condemnation of paganism and a presentation of Christianity as the better alternative. 

Tatian was a student of Justin Martyr who taught him the Cornerstone so well that he was able to write “We do not act as fools, O Greeks, nor utter idle tales when we announce that God was born in the form of man.” 

There are so many other examples of early Church leaders that clearly believed in the full divinity of Jesus – but we hope that the few we have presented here have put your mind to rest. 

The Scriptures, Jesus himself, the apostles and the first and second century Church leaders all built their faith on the Cornerstone – the humanity and deity of Christ.