We will finish our studies this month with testimonies from 2 other early Church leaders who led the Church during the immediate post-apostolic era. 

The first is Justine Martyr. He was born in Samaria but later moved to the Greek world and studied philosophy. He got born-again as an adult when he met an old man who explained the full Gospel to him. After that he became an apologist for Christianity. 

He lived in the next generation after the apostolic era (from 100-165AD) and wrote extensively. Here are some of the things he wrote about the deity of Christ: “Who being the first-begotten Word of God, is even God” In his Dialogue with Trypho, he stated that “God was born from a virgin” and that Jesus was “worthy of worship” and of being called “Lord and God.” 

It couldn’t be more clear that the early Church leaders fully believed and taught the divinity, as well as the humanity, of Christ.