In that day you will ask nothing of me.
John 16: 23

Reading: John 16: 23, 24

Jesus, having revealed the way to the Father as being through him and him alone, then goes on to describe to his disciples what inexpressible joy they will experience after his resurrection. 

The joy that they will receive knowing that through Jesus they are fully accepted into the Fathers love (for the Father himself loves you because you have loved Me. John 16:27). Jesus unequivocally tells us that The Father will grant anyone according to their request in the Name that is above all names. Jesus says you have asked nothing in my name, you have asked nothing of the Father. 

There is only one name, The Father, The son and The Holy Spirit have one name, the name of Jesus. 

When we believe in Jesus in his deity we find our way home to the Fathers love. 

This is another of the many ways Jesus himself claims Deity. When we come to understanding that Jesus and the Father are one and share one name we will find that our every need is met in that one Name, the Name of Jesus. 


Father in Heaven, I come to You in the name of Jesus and ask You Father, to fill me with the joy of knowing Your love.