I and the Father are one.
John 10: 30

Reading: John 10: 30-38

In our main reading for today, Jesus states quite plainly that He and the Father are one. The Jews fully understood what he meant when he said this. They understood that Jesus knew full well that He was claiming to be God.  

Jesus then confirms this by pointing out to the Jews that the works that they had witnessed were indeed the works of His Father. If they couldn’t receive him then surely they could believe if they could see the works Jesus did as being the very works of God.

Every miracle, every deliverance, every provision, every restoration, every act of Jesus was a work of God. The works Jesus did was to bring life to that which was dead. Every miracle was an act of resurrection life, where death reigned Jesus overruled and brought life. The Jews, knowing that God Almighty was the only one with the power to bring life, should have made this connection - and understood what he was saying about himself. They should have bowed down to worship him with awe and reverence. 

Have you ever felt like you want to take someone by the shoulders and shake them until they get it? I can imagine how Jesus must have felt when the works that were as plain as day before the Jews, went right over their heads. God clearly at work - and they missed it.

We can find ourselves in a place of great discontent when we miss what God is doing and the provision He has already made. Take some time today to recount all the works of God in your life. 


Our Father in heaven, open our eyes to see Your works and understand that You and the Son are one.