Moreover, the Father judges no one, but has entrusted all judgment to the Son,  that all may honour the Son just as they honour the Father. 
John 5: 23

Reading: John 5: 22-24

So far in our studies of the deity of Christ, we have looked at both the direct and indirect claims of Scripture concerning the deity of Christ and we’ve looked at the attributes of God that are also applied to Jesus.

But now comes the crunch point. Did Jesus himself actually claim to be God? Was this supposed claim to be God something put on Jesus that he never claimed for himself? 

Our main Bible passage for today is something that Jesus himself said, and explained, to his disciples. That all judgment has been entrusted to the Son (presumably by the Father). It is surely the undisputed and inalienable prerogative of God to judge humanity. And so, seeing as it has been entrusted to the Son, we must conclude that the Son too is God. 

The great peril threatening the Jews was that they should deny honour to the Son, and thereby incur the guilt of refusing honour to the Father. In denouncing Him, they were really dishonouring the Father.

You need never fear that in worshipping and revering Jesus, you are somehow robbing the Father of worship. No, the Father and the Son are together God and in receiving, honouring and worshipping the One, you are receiving, honouring and worshipping the Other. 


Lord Jesus, LORD Jesus, I worship You.