She took some and ate it. She also gave some to her husband, who was with her, and he ate it.

Genesis 3:6b

Reading: Hebrews 2: 14 – 18; Romans 5:12; 8:12 - 16

Yesterday we looked at the weightiness of our first mandate to walk in dominion. Today I want us to look at what happens when it goes wrong.

There was a fateful moment when Adam and Eve failed and our invincible enemy, death, entered into the world. While the Bible tells us that Eve was deceived – what exactly was the role that Adam played in the narrative? Was he fighting off the serpent? Was he declaring the Word of God to Eve in her moment of deception? Did he try to persuade her not to eat? No – the scripture tells us that while Eve was being deceived by the enemy of mankind Adam was right there with her… and he did nothing! Adam chose passivity over dominion. A deceived Christian is a conquered Christian. A passive Christian is a neutralized Christian. Both are completely and totally ineffective in their mission to have dominion.

So much so, that “passivity” and “Christian” are irreconcilable concepts. Passivity, if allowed to enter into our hearts and minds, is a sure way to lose our authority and not walk in dominion.

To walk in dominion we need to confront, with the help of the Holy Spirit and the people of God around us, the areas of our lives where we have gone into passive mode. Are you merely moseying along, was if your standpoint is inconsequential? Passivity may well have its claws in you. You do make a difference. Your very existence on this side of eternity is for a reason – and walking in dominion is the first step to realising that purpose.

The smallest declaration of God’s word brings light into the darkness. The tiniest of actions, if in agreement with God’s word, brings the standards of the world into sharp contrast and provides a witness to a watching world. Remember, you are an agent of the Kingdom of God with a clear mission - to conquer passivity and walk in dominion.


Forgive me Lord for my agreement with passivity. For not standing firm on your Word and walking in dominion. I reject passivity in my life and acknowledge that I have nothing to fear in this life – not even death itself – and will not allow fear to rule over me but to have dominion over fear.

For the Family

Watch the same link from yesterday’s devotion. Slow it down this time.

See if you and your family can spot both passivity – and the complete opposite of passivity in the fight against the “enemy” in the movie.