For in Christ all the fullness of the Deity lives in bodily form
Colossians 2: 9

Reading: 1 Timothy 3: 16

Yesterday, we introduced the subject that has earned our focus for the month of February – the Deity of Christ. The Divinity of Christ is the most distinctively Christian doctrine of all. It separates our faith from all others. It is also the essential difference between orthodox, traditional, biblical, apostolic, historic, creedal Christianity - and revisionist, modernist, liberal Christianity, which isn’t really any kind of Christianity at all. 

The doctrine of the Deity of Christ works like a skeleton key, unlocking all other doors of truth. This key truth, the fact that in Jesus, we are confronting God in human form, has phenomenal fallout, like a nuclear explosion. It’s the key to understanding everything about Christianity and it’s the quintessentially most important event in all of human history. 

It sounds like a fairytale – except it’s true. The doctrine of the Deity of Christ, that roots the incarnation and every other doctrine, demands from us that we put our fear, our mistrust, our psychological pathologies and every other fallenness aside and dare to believe. 

What are we daring to believe? 

That there is in fact a God who is Personal, who loves us, who loves us so much that He became flesh in order to save us. 

We dare to believe that, if Christ is God, then, since He is omnipotent and present right now, He can transform us and our lives right now as nothing and no one else possibly could.

And we dare to accept that, if Christ is divine, He has a right to our entire lives, including our inner life and our thoughts. Think on these things. 


Help me to comprehend how great Your authority over my life is. 

For the family

Ask the family to discuss what it means that Jesus has authority over them.