For figs are not gathered from thornbushes, nor are grapes picked from a bramble bush.
Luke 6:44   

 Reading: Luke 6:43-45; Matthew 10:26-33

One time during a ministry session, we met a woman who said that she felt as if she was carrying a sign on her forehead. Whenever she met people, it would not be too long before they would start treating her badly.

This is a perfect example of the generalised shame we spoke about yesterday. As we spoke to this woman, the roots of this shame became apparent. As a child, an authority figure described her as being ‘worthless’. They did so in a derogatory manner. They were so convincing in the way that they said it, that she believed them. She accepted the label of ‘worthless’ and she accepted the shame that went with that label. As she grew she carried this unwanted burden with her. When she met people she unconsciously projected this label. 

Once she understood fully that Christ had died for her and that she was totally free; the realisation set her free from the shame, and also the effect of the label. Her new identity was that of ‘beloved daughter of God’ and her infinite worth was restored.

If you are struggling with an unwanted label ask God to lovingly reveal to you how precious you are to Him. Remind yourself that Jesus died in your place and you are a new creation.


Dear God, thank You that in Christ I have infinite value and I am labelled ‘priceless’ as opposed to ‘worthless’.

For the family

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