“I regard as good the exiles from Judah, whom I sent away from this place to the land of the Babylonians..”
Jeremiah 24: 5

Reading: Jeremiah 24; Jeremiah 31: 31-34

It was the Lord’s will that Judah submit to Babylonia, take their punishment, and repent. Those who did so were carried away “for their good”.

In our reading for today, Jeremiah, the prophet, is shown two baskets of figs by God. Those who were already carried away to Babylon, being the choice of the people, are represented by the good figs: those who remained in the land for now but who would soon experience hardship, are represented by the bad figs. As we saw yesterday, oddly, the state of those who went into captivity was vastly preferable to the state of those who were left behind. Those who were left behind in the land ended up being treated as double rebels, but those who went to Babylon were respected and treated well – not only by their captors but also by God. 

God not only blessed them in Babylon but promised to take them back to the land. There was a blessing for those first taken in exile and who did not remain in Jerusalem for the catastrophic end. The captives turned to the Lord in repentance and under Ezekiel’s guidance, a new kind of faith, loyal to the covenant-relationship with God, was forged. God promised that he would establish them securely at that time and give them a new heart to know Him.  

It is at this time in history that the prophets begin to speak about a ‘new’ covenant and a law that would be written on people’s hearts and not on tablets of stone. 


Lord, thank You for including me in Your new covenant, the everlasting covenant with Your King. 


This is going to be a fantastic video to watch over the next few days with the family

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